Priorities: Jobs

Promote public policies which lead to private sector job growth

"The role of government is to empower the private sector - to create a stable and predictable business environment, and to stay off your backs and out of your wallets."

- Governor Herbert

Call to Action: Accelerate private sector job creation of 100,000 jobs in 1,000 days.

Objective 1: Strengthen and grow existing Utah businesses, both urban and rural.

Objective 2: Increase innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

Objective 3: Increase national and international business.

Objective 4: Prioritize education to develop the workforce of the future.

Action Items:

  • Reduce the tax burden on Utah's employers and spur new hiring by reducing the unemployment insurance rate.
  • Assist the growth of companies in rural Utah by extending the Business Expansion and Retention program to all rural counties.
  • Double exports over the next five years by increasing outreach and technical assistance to Utah companies to expand international markets.
  • Align public sector job training and placement efforts with private sector demands and workforce needs.
  • Increase the number of Utah start-up companies by improving access to seed funding.
  • Develop a world-class, one-stop-shop for business resources by revamping the structure, collaboration, and service delivery statewide.
  • Continue to recruit new companies to the state and market Utah as the "best place for business".
  • Ensure a vibrant business environment and maintain Utah's AAA bond-rating through continuous regulatory reform and fiscally prudent management of state government.