Priorities: Energy

Innovation plus initiative equals energy independence

"In the world of energy, we must face new realities, we must confront new challenges, and we must envision and act upon new opportunities!"

- Governor Herbert

Call to Action: Ensure access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy by producing 25% more electrical energy than we consume by 2020.

Objective 1: Advocate responsible energy resource development.

Objective 2: Promote policies and practices for improved air quality.

Objective 3: Aggressively pursue technology innovations in energy efficiency and development.

Action Items:

  • Assure appropriate access to public lands and a reasonable permitting and environmental process for energy development.
  • Create the Energy Research Triangle to coordinate energy innovation and clean-air efforts at the major Universities and regional Colleges.
  • Expand the Constitutional Defense Fund to challenge unreasonable federal regulations that obstruct responsible energy development.
  • Consolidate state authority on transmission and pipeline planning and funding into the Office of Energy Development.
  • Create the "Utah Clean Business Partnership" - a voluntary program for Utah businesses to implement clean air strategies.
  • Advance the discussion of the viability of nuclear power in Utah through a comprehensive suitability study including water, waste disposal, and safety.