Governor's Position on Education

"Education is my number one budget priority, with nearly two-thirds of the state budget going toward education. Utah's continued economic prosperity is dependent upon our education system. We must invest in our most precious resource, our children, and support Utah teachers."

- Gov. Herbert


  1. Adequate Funding - Our schools and teachers must have the funding and other resources they need to provide students with a first-rate education, which is why education will continue to be my number one budget priority.
  2. Local Control of Curriculum - Utah, not the federal government, must be in control of what we teach and how we teach it.
  3. Local Control of Resources - As champions for local control, we should not only ensure that school administrators and boards have the resources they need, but we should empower them to apply the dollars they receive where they are needed the most.
  4. Accountability - Benchmarks and other appropriate accountability measures are necessary to evaluate the quality of our education system and ensure that students are mastering key academic concepts.
  5. Workforce Alignment - Students must be prepared to be civically engaged citizens with the knowledge, creativity and technical skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.
  6. Innovation - Innovative approaches and partnerships between education, industry and other community partners are key to bettering our education system and will improve outcomes for all.