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Members of Utah State University's Speech and Debate Team were honored Feb. 16 at the state capitol during sessions in both the Senate and House of Representatives. The activity was part of the legislature?s effort to acknowledge top programs and accomplishments, including first place rankings in the state.

Locate Charter Schools across the State of Utah.

The conference is scheduled for June 16-17 at Westlake High School.  Call for Presenters due April 9, 2010.

The University of Utah now is ranked first in the country along with MIT in creating new startup companies from research-based inventions. This puts the University of Utah in front of prestigious institutions such as Columbia, Michigan and Johns Hopkins. The accomplishment is based on the latest survey by the Association of University Technology Managers, which ranks over 150 public and private research institutions throughout the country.

Students in Mrs. Brenda Miller?s sixth grade class at Rock Canyon Elementary were reading a lesson called "Helping Others" a week after the earthquake in Haiti took place.

The University of Utah's RedThread aggregates blogs and other social media types from the University of Utah to help build a sense of community.  The site invites participation from around campus to help explore the many happenings associated with the University.

To ensure that proposed school building sites are investigated for potential geologic hazards, the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) recommends a preliminary site screening evaluation by the Utah Geological Survey (UGS), the preparation of detailed geologic-hazard reports by professional consultants (employing Utah licensed geologists) retained by the school district, and subsequent review of those geologic-hazard reports by the UGS.

The University of Utah, Google and Universal Studios Creative will host a free workshopand tutorial on the SketchUp software for parents and teachers of children with autistic characteristics. The SketchUp workshop will take place on Saturday, Feb. 6 from 10 a.m. to noon

Weber State Storytelling Festival will be on February 22, 23, 2010 at the Eccles Conference Center. National, State and local storytellers perform. The public is invited to attend. February 24, 2010 the activities will be held at the Davis Conference Center. Over 20 students and student groups from Weber District Elementary and Secondary Schools will present stories at the festival. Schools are invited to bring students to the three day festival.

School counselors provide information, strategies, and opportunities for students to safely navigate the many pathways to a successful future. Counselors meet with students individually or in small groups to teach and practice essential social skills, coping strategies, and emotional management techniques in early school years to prevent future at-risk behaviors and failures.

You are invited to participate in the Utah Rocky Mountain High School Mediafest competition at The College of Eastern Utah in Price, Utah.

Four Dixie State College of Utah student entrepreneurs have created a new online campus marketplace designed for students to buy and sell items and services from fellow students and the community.

In the spring of 2009, UUSS opened the Rio Tinto Earthquake Information Center, a state-of-the-art facility for earthquake information and community outreach. The facility forms part of the UUSS's new space for seismic network operations.

The PBS channel at the University of Utah, KUED, now provides much of its programming through this online channel.

"Diversity - The New Frontier in Science: Keeping the Dream Alive" is the theme of the University of Utah's 26th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration. The week-long celebration will highlight the growing contributions and importance of a diverse workforce in the sciences and technology through educational equity and opportunity.

The Finance in the Classroom website and related resources are in large part the result of a partnership between the Utah State Office of Education and the Utah Education Network.

Utah State University's 2010 Martin Luther King Jr. Candlelight Vigil is Wednesday, Jan. 13, in the Taggart Student Center Ballroom, 5:30 p.m. with David E. Dixon, an associate professor of political science at St. Joseph's College, and France A. Davis, a pastor at Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, who marched with King in 1965. Activities are free and all are invited.

Although the current spotlight has been turned to STEM, Utah has already been answering the call with several statewide STEM focused initiatives. Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR), a state funded grant program, has allowed 30 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across the state to implement programs that they would otherwise be unable to offer.

During the first half of the 20th Century, the terror known as Polio afflicted between 13,000 to 20,000 people per year in the US. In Utah, during one particularly virulent six-week period, more than 200 confirmed cases of polio were reported. This dreaded disease struck mostly young people, with no discrimination of race, sex or socio-economic status.

SLCC's South City campus will soon be home to a Center for New Media that will prepare Utah?s students for careers in the digital age.

This scholarship encourages students to accelerate their education by earning an associates degree in high school. Students must complete coursework with a 3.0 cumulative GPA and they are provided a scholarship for up to 75% of tuition that may may be used at a qualifying 4-year public college or university in the Utah System of Higher Education, as well as at Brigham Young University and Westminster College.

Become a better gardener or learn about beekeeping.  This schedule offers a variety of interesting topics.

Utah?s Electronic High School (EHS) is meeting student needs with open-entry/open-exit courses and within three years will have converted most curriculum to downloadable media.

REACH is a nationally recognized multicultural education program being disseminated throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. It has been approved as a National Diffusion Network Program (NDN) to be used in grades 6-9 Social Studies Classrooms. NDN programs have been field tested with students and are proven successful.

Using a collaborative studio class at the University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning, fifteen students are developing a plan to present to Salt Lake City planning officials.

Christmas came early at Weber State University as six research projects were among the initial 10 projects statewide to receive Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) Technology Commercialization Grants (TCG). Funding from the six grants totals nearly $189,000.

Snowmelt in mountains in the U.S. West is happening at an accelerated rate, a result of desert dust blowing onto peaks in the Rockies and other locations.  Current dust levels on mountains are five times greater than they were before the mid-19th century, due in large part to increased human activity in deserts; on average desert dust has led to the earlier disappearance of mountain snow cover by at least a month.

LeConte Stewart's West

Mon, 14 Dec 2009

Stewart, a noted Utah artist and long-serving chair of the University of Utah Art Department (1938-1956), produced more than 7,000 works?including oil and watercolor paintings, prints, and drawings?during his long life.

The Utah Office of Education offers many resources to help adults with their education needs.  This site supports the transition to postsecondary education.

In this report card on adult education in Utah, the Office of Education shares statistical information about adult education programs throughout the state.

Two elementary schools and two junior high schools in the Davis School District are currently part of separate boundary studies.

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been created pursuant to a resolution adopted on July 16, 2009 by the Utah State Board of Regents in its regularly scheduled meeting held at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. At that time it was determined that ?the College of Eastern Utah (CEU) should be affiliated with Utah State University (USU) to meet the challenges it faces and to enhance higher education programs for southeastern Utah residents.?

A new web-based program introduced in this fall will allow Utah Valley University scholars to share their work and research with each other and the wider world.

The economic downturn sent Utahns seeking significantly more career and technical education at UCAT campuses during 2008?2009. Adult students in particular logged a record-settingincrease of 18.5% in membership hours (amount of time students are enrolled) compared with the previous year.

This year the Gifted Services of Alpine School District is celebrating its 25th Anniversary (the program began in 1984). To recognize the growth and appreciation for the program, all students involved in the program were invited last March to participate in creating a new motto and logo for this celebration year.

A natural outgrowth of initiatives at USU in the areas of biofuels and advanced sensing and imaging, EDL focuses the applied research, development, design and implementation of green, renewable energy and environmental solutions for government and commercial customers. While the USU Biofuels Center and USU Center for Advanced Sensing and Imaging focus on early stage research to create biofuels from algae and new environmental sensing methods, EDL takes it one step further.

Small amounts of oil leave a fluorescent sheen on polluted water. Oil sheen is hard to remove, even when the water is aerated with ozone or filtered through sand. Now, a University of Utah engineer has developed an inexpensive new method to remove oil sheen by repeatedly pressurizing and depressurizing ozone gas, creating microscopic bubbles that attack the oil so it can be removed by sand filters.

The team ? anchored by USTAR researchers Guido Gerig, Tom Fletcher and Tolga Tasdizen ? puts Utah at the international forefront in the field of neuroimage analysis.  The team?s goal is to develop technology and computer modeling that leads to earlier detection and more effective treatment of Alzheimer?s, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Schizophrenia, and other debilitating conditions.

The conference begins at 5:00 pm in the Barlow Building on the Davis Applied Technology Center campus in Kaysville.

Several Utah food banks were recent recipients of 7,112 pounds of produce donated by the Utah State University Extension Food Pantry Garden at the Utah Botanical Center in Kaysville.   The first Utah Botanical Center Food Pantry Garden was planted last spring by three Boy Scouts for their Eagle Scout projects with the help of approximately 60 other people who planted 100 pounds of seed potatoes, 450 tomato plants, 4,000 corn plants and 200 melon plants.

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