About the Office

The Utah State Treasurer’s office performs a broad array of functions that are critical to the banking, investments and financing operations of state agencies, municipalities and communities throughout the state of Utah.

The office orchestrates the state’s cash collection, concentration, disbursement and investment processes. The state’s banking, brokerage and custodial relationships are managed carefully to ensure that banking operations are conducted in a highly efficient, secure and cost-effective manner. The office also regularly leads process improvement and cost-saving initiatives that enable the state to leverage innovations in the banking and payments arena.

The Treasurer’s office administers the $10 billion Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund, which provides daily liquidity to state agencies and over 700 local government entities throughout Utah. The office also administers several long-term investment funds and a portfolio of statutorily required government escrow accounts and letters of credit.

Office staff assists the State Treasurer with the issuance of the state’s general obligation and lease revenue bonds.

The Treasurer’s office also provides essential support to a diverse range of public bodies and programs, including the:

  • State Bonding Commission
  • State Building Ownership Authority
  • State Money Management Council
  • State Charter School Finance Authority
  • State Post-Retirement Benefits Trust Fund Board
  • State Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB) Allotment Committee
  • State School Bond Guaranty Program
  • State Land Grant Trust Fund Investment Advisory Committee
  • Utah Council on Financial and Economic Education (UCFEE)

The Treasurer’s office also provides oversight, management and support to its Unclaimed Property Division.