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American Fork:
City Council

Entity: American Fork

Body: City Council

Subject: Annexation

Notice Title: Notice of Intent to Annex - Queens Drive Annex

Notice Type: Notice, Meeting, Hearing

Event Start Date & Time: September 10, 2013 7:10 PM



On July 30, 2013, the City Council of American Fork, Utah, adopted Resolution No. 2013-07-16R, indicating its intent to annex the following described real property:

	Queens Drive Annexation
	 (Queens Drive at approximately 1100 East)
Description 1:

Beginning 1532.08 feet N89°31'59"E and 28.43 feet South of the Northwest Corner of Section 18, T5S, R2E, SLB&M:

Thence S00°00'01"W 360.60 feet; Thence East 21.30 feet; Thence S00°35'12"E 220.99 feet; 
Thence S89°32'22"W 200.68 feet; Thence S72°41'57"W 168.82 feet; 
Thence N00°32'42"W 47.75 feet; Thence S89°58'19"W 234.07 feet; 
Thence S00°35'36"E 47.35 feet; Thence S89°58'14"W 301.03 feet; 
Thence S00°35'42"E 289.91 feet; Thence S89°58'19"W 150.06 feet; 
Thence  N00°35'41"W 289.91 feet; Thence S89°58'19"W 150.06 feet;  
Thence S00°35'23"E 292.60 feet; Thence S89°48'29"W 125.56 feet; 
Thence northwesterly 32.63 feet along a 100' radius curve to the right (chord bearing N80°23'09"W 32.48 feet); 
Thence N00°08'00"W 285.66 feet; Thence S89°34'00"E 150.09 feet; 
Thence N00°08'00"W 53.03 feet; Thence N89°58'17"E 304.88 feet; 
Thence N00°35'42"W 294.57 feet; Thence N89°32'19"E 150.06 feet; 
Thence S00°35'37"E 295.71 feet; Thence N89°58'15"E 150.07 feet; 
Thence N00°35'37"W 296.84 feet; Thence N89°32'19"E 150.45 feet; 
Thence N05°41'06"W 29.97 feet; Thence East 247.13 feet; Thence S00°22'31"E  43.92 feet; 
Thence N89°32'19"E 156.01 feet; Thence N00°27'54"W 297.93 feet; 
Thence East 28.32 feet to the point of beginning. 

(Area 357,310 sq ft/8.20 acres)

Description 2:

Beginning 1623.43 feet S00°24'54"E and 6.38 feet West of the Northwest Corner of Section 18, T5S, R2E, SLB&M;

Thence N00°00'01"E 62.92 feet; 
Thence S89°59'37"E 265.11 feet; Thence North 99.37 feet; Thence East 142.12 feet; 
Thence N00°14'00"W 45.62 feet; Thence East 94.44 feet; Thence South 44.68 feet; 
Thence S89°53'57"E 194.25 feet; Thence S01°43'00"W 255.01 feet; 
Thence S89°57'00"W 194.88 feet; Thence N00°01'12"E 89.94 feet; 
Thence N89°44'07"W 493.25 feet to the point of beginning. 

(Area 109,245 sq ft/2.51 acres)

Notice is hereby given that the American Fork City Council will hold a public hearing on September 10, 2013, at 7:10 p.m. in the American Fork City Hall, 31 North Church Street, for the purpose of receiving public comment regarding the proposed annexation.

The City Council will act to annex the above described real property unless, at or before the public hearing, written protests to the annexation are filed by the owners of real property in accordance with applicable provisions of UCA 10-2-418.

Copies of a map showing the location of the annexation area are available for review by the public at the City Recorders Office, 51 East Main Street, during normal business hours.

Dated this 5 day of August, 2013       							
Richard M. Colborn
City Recorder		

Notice of Special Accommodations:

NOTICE OF SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION DURING PUBLIC MEETINGS In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during this meeting should notify Richard Colborn at 801-763-3000.

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:


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