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Welcome to the Utah Public Notice Website: Your central source for all public notice information in Utah

How to use this site's subscription options

There are two ways to subscribe to new public notices: RSS and email. Below, we have defined each of these technologies, where to learn more, and how to use them.


RSS ("Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication") is a format for delivering regularly changing web content to subscribers. Typically a user will subscribe to an RSS "feed" with a feed reader or RSS reader, though many email software also will use RSS feeds. Visit for more information on RSS and various readers that you can use.

To use Public Notice Website's RSS feeds, simply click on the RSS icon RSS feed icon and your computer will attempt to fetch the RSS feed using the default RSS reader software already installed on your computer. If you install a new RSS reader after subscribing to one of our feeds, you will either have to export your subscriptions from the old software and import them into the new OR re-subscribe using our site.


Email is short for electronic mail and allows for people to send messages to one another. To receive updates regarding a public notice, click on the email icon icon and follow the instructions on how to receive updates. Instructions on how to stop receiving notices are sent at the bottom of each email.