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Welcome to the Utah Public Notice Website: Your central source for all public notice information in Utah

About the Utah Public Notice Website

The Utah Public Notice Website is dedicated to bringing greater accessibility to public notice information and increased participation by the public. It is a central source for all public notice information statewide, provided in a standardized format for publishing. It allows the public to subscribe by either RSS feed or email to a public body to receive its notices and updates.

Public notice informs members of the general public of government or government-related activities which may concern their local area, municipality, county, or state. The Open and Public Meetings Act (Utah Code Title 52, Chapter 4) mandates that notice and the agendas of public meetings be available to the public. The minutes of open meetings and public information distributed at the open meeting are public information. A state agency public body and the legislative body of a county, city, or town are required to post these materials on the Utah Public Notice Website. The audio recordings of open meetings are also public information and the audio recordings of state public bodies must be available through the website, either by posting or linking. Audio recording of open meetings of the state's political subdivisions are not required to be on the website, but must be otherwise available to the public.

Requirements for other types of public notice can be found in more than 60 statutes in Utah law. They are located in statutes regulating the actions of state agency public bodies and commissions, and many can be found in the laws that govern counties (Utah Code Title 11 and Title 17), municipalities (Utah Code Title 10 and Title 11), local or special districts (Utah Code Title 17B, 17C, and 17D), and other references.

In some specific mandates, public notices must not only be posted on the Utah Public Notice Website, but also on the Legal Notice Website (as established in Utah Code Section 45-1-101). However, posting public notice on the Legal Notice Website does not relieve a public body from posting public notice on the Utah Public Notice Website if legally required.