Governor's Cabinet

Debbie Cragun, Executive Director, Department of Human Resource Management

Debbie Cragun

Debbie Cragun was appointed Executive Director for the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) in June of 2013. The department serves approximately 22,000 employees in the Executive branch of the state, as well as 34 state departments, offices, and commissions. DHRM is responsible for the recruitment, performance management, liability, training, classification, employee relations, compensation, and benefits functions as well as the state HR information systems. In the capacity of Acting Executive Director, Ms. Cragun advises in these areas as she serves as a member of Governor Gary R. Herbert's cabinet.

Ms. Cragun has over 20 years of service and experience with the State of Utah, 18 of which within human resources. Ms. Cragun started as an HR Technician, and was promoted first to an HR Analyst, than an HR Specialist, and finally to HR Director over the course of her career, previous to Acting Executive Director. During her seven years as a Human Resource Director, she has overseen almost every function of human resources. Ms. Cragun serves as the department's Legislative Liaison, working closely with the Legislature and the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. She has led a shift from focusing on salary versus benefits to the total compensation perspective. She also led a redesign team regarding the State's post-retirement medical benefits in order to balance employee needs with budgetary concerns. Additionally, Ms. Cragun serves on the Lt. Governor's Health Care Reform Task Force, which focuses on Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer mandates, and how the ACA will impact the state's workforce and budget. Ms. Cragun was awarded the Governor's Award for Excellence in Leadership in 2008, and earned the same award for the Department of Human Resource Management in 2008 as well.

In 2008 Ms. Cragun received her Senior Professional in Human Resources certification from the Society for Human Resource Management. She is a graduate of the University of Phoenix, where she earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management and her Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management. She has also completed the Certified Public Manager training from the State of Utah. Ms. Cragun has served as President for the Central States Compensation Association and for the International Personnel Management Association, Utah Chapter.

Ms. Cragun is originally from Tooele, Utah, and currently resides in West Jordan, Utah with her husband Blake Cragun, a CPA, and their son, Kyler. She and her husband are self-described “foodies” who also enjoy camping.