Frequently Asked Questions

Obtain a copy of my marriage license

Contact the office of Vital Records

Obtain a copy of my birth certificate

Contact the office of Vital Records

Obtain information for a school report

Find a Utah business

Complete a free search of the Dept. of Commerce's database using the following site:

Get printed travel information

Complete the online form:

Contact Governor Herbert

Visit his website:

Start a business in Utah
Visit the Dept. of Corporation website for helpful information and all forms that will need to be completed:

Change my address with the DMV

Contact the DMV directly. Here is their website
or email

Find out licensing requirements for my line of business
Visit the Dept. of Commerce's Division of Occupational and Professional licensing:

Find information about demographics and statistics in Utah

Under the Demographics and Statistics section of the Website

Obtain a Utah driver license

For more detailed information contact the Department of Public Safety's Drivers License Division

Learn more about Utah liquor laws

The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Liquor Laws Website

Find tax forms

Try the Utah State Tax Commission website of Forms, Brochures & Publications

Find out more about current and past legislation

Try the Utah State Legislature website

How do I find a specific Utah state employee?

Contact information for a Utah State employee

What jobs are available with the state government?

Jobs available with the Utah Government

How do I find state surplus or police auctions?

State surplus auctions can be found at For police auctions, visit the individual local police department.

How do bid on a Utah government project?

Bidding on Utah government projects

Where do I find information about traveling to Utah?

Travel and Tourism

Where do I find information about professional licensing requirements?

Professional Licensing

Who are my legislative representatives?

Find my representative

Who are Utah's US Senators?

Find my US Senator's contact information

How do I report a fraud?

Reporting fraud through the Attorney General office or Better Business Bureau

How do I find government assistance?

State services, food stamps, housing, paying the electric bill...

How do I find legal assistance?

Legal help, legal aid, fee disputes

How do I find government assistance with housing?

Cheap housing through HUD or Utah Housing Coalition.

Where do I find statistical/demographic information about Utah?

Demographical and census information. The Governor's budget and planning office or

Where do I find traffic information?

Traffic conditions

How do I find State Court information?

Court information

How do I contact someone in the Utah State Courts?

Contacting Utah Courts

How do I get a marriage license?

You must contact your local county government to obtain a marriage license. Contact list for county government.

How do I search for sex offenders in my area?

Sex offender search

How do I obtain a copy of a marriage, birth, or death certificate?

Marriage, birth and death certificates

How do I obtain a hunting / fishing license?

Visit the online service »

Where is my tax refund?

To check the status of your refund, click here.


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